Played on Saturday afternoons/evenings, Indoor Netball Superleague is part of the development path of indoor Netball. Teams are selected to represent each Club across 16 grades of Superleague and the new elite brand of indoor Netball – INFQ Premier League. Games are played across South East Queensland from February through to September each year. Currently 2 divisions exist in Netball Superleague – Division 1 & Division 2. From Superleague and Premier League, players can continue to develop through further representative pathways including representing Queensland and Australia.

With the new information from the Federal Government today the INFQ Executive Board have decided to suspend ALL Superleague rounds effective immediately and until further notice. The likelihood of there being more than 100 people at each round is inevitable and player, staff and spectator safety would be compromised if we were to go ahead with the scheduled rounds in the immediate future. We appreciate your understanding and we will continue to update you of any additional changes INFQ make on these matters.

 Lauren Clarke – President – Indoor Netball Federation of Qld

Did you know Australia Diamond player Steph Wood played Indoor Netball!!!

The 16 Available Grades

  • Premier Ladies A
  • Premier Mixed A
  • Premier Mens A
  • Ladies B
  • Mixed B
  • Mens B
  • Ladies C
  • Mixed C
  • 0/40 Ladies
  • 0/30 Mixed
  • 0/30 Ladies
  • U/23 Mixed
  • U/23 Ladies
  • U/19 Mixed
  • U/19 Ladies
  • U/16 Ladies

Two Divisions will compete in 2020 Indoor Netball Superleague


INQ introduced Superleague in 1991, it was designed to give players that wanted to develop their skills more opportunities, the concept soon developed into an integral part of the Sport Centres business.

The competition over the years has revamped itself but overall it is where Centres come together and compete in different grades that have been previously agreed upon at the beginning of each year.

Each year Centres are allocated into a Zone from the Gold Coast – to the Downs – right through to Cairns – the competition is run on a home and away basis, although North Queensland because of distance hold carnival weekends. The competition normally runs from late February, early March to August.

After the completion of Zone grand finals INFQ hold State Championships for the grades that have been played throughout the year to establish a Champion Centre for the State.

If you would like to play this great game contact the Centre closest to you, be part of the action

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