State Accredited

UPDATED AS OF 29th October 2018

*If your name is not here then please check with your centre


(Current for 1 year)

Name Centre Level Expires
Michael Hay Albion S3 May-19
Justin Wise Brisbane West S3 May-19
Mark Pumfrey Brisbane West S3 May-19
Ashlee Spencer Independent S3 (P) (M) May-19
Mark Rich Independent S3 May-19
Rob Hopper Independant S3 May-19
Sue Kurth Independant  S3  May-19
Tanya MacRae Independant S3 May-19
Ted Butler Independant S3 May-19
Raeline Johnson Ipswich S3 May-19
Emma Atkin Independant S3 (P) (M) May-19



(Current for 3 years)

Name Centre Level Expires
Kristelle Elton Albion S2 (M) Oct-21
Chris Clay Brisbane West S2 Feb-21
Cliff Kuskop Brisbane West S2 Oct-18
Emilie Ritchie Brisbane West S2 May-20
Paul Holmes  Brisbane West  S2  Oct-18 
Louise Owens Caboolture S2 Oct-18
Theresa Brown Caboolture S2 May-20
Corey Tauariki Independant S2 May-20
Kate Pedley Ipswich S2 May-22
Alison Bowtell Wynnum S2 Feb-21
Kate Tosello Victoria Point S2 (M) Oct-21



(Current for 3 years)

Name Centre Level Expires
Callie Lindsay Albion S1 May-20
John Stevens Albion S1 Feb-21
Elke Vidulich  Beenleigh  S1  Nov-18 
Rylee Ruhi Beenleigh S1 May-20
Shane Sandilands Bracken Ridge S1 (P) May-19
Michael Keating Caboolture S1 (P) May-19
Deborah Tapper Gold Coast S1 Feb-21
Stewart Ting Gold Coast S1 Feb-21
Dean Hurst Independent S1 Nov-18
Mikaylah Nugent Ipswich S1 May-20
Brooke McLean Springwood S1 (M) Oct-21
Peter McLean Springwood S1 Oct-21
Teela Komenn Springwood S1 May-20
Kara Williams Strathpine S1 Feb-21
Krystal Razborsek Toombul S1 (P) May-19
Alice James Toowoomba S1 May-20
Amber Gardiner Willows Wildcatz S1 Nov-18
Jessica Simpson Willows Wildcatz  S1  Nov-18 
Natasha Milivojevic Willows Wildcatz S1 May-20
Tom Flemming Victoria Point S1 May-20



(Current for 3 Years)

Name Centre Level Expires
Erica Dunnett Albion Jnr State 1 Sep-19
Rose Linde Albion Jnr State 2 Sep-20
Keara Ready Arundel Jnr State 1 Sep-21
Agge Kaima Beenleigh Jnr State 1 Sep-20
Christian White Brisbane West Jnr State 2 Sept-19
Magnolia Vaikai Gold Coast Jnr State 2 Sep-21
Rhiane Nugent Ipswich Jnr State 1(M) Sep-21
Rhonda Hopper Independent Jnr State 1 Sep-21
Johanna Fennell Wynnum  Jnr State 2 Sept-19
Di Hain Springwood Jnr State 1 Sept-20
Haami Tangiwai Springwood Jnr State 1 Sept-20
Tjana Knight Caboolture Jnr State 1 Sept-20
Marlene Jones Springwood Jnr State 1 Sept-19
Peter McLean Springwood Jnr State 1 Sept-19
Regan Smith Victoria Point Jnr State 2 Sep-19
Chelsea Floyd Victoria Point Jnr State 1 Sep-21
Hannah Morton Victoria Point Jnr State 1 Sep-21
Johanna Fennell Wynnum Jnr State 2 Sep-19
Jess Watego Wynnum Jnr State 2 Sep-21
Emily Clews Wynnum Jnr State 2 Sep-21
Hayley Clews Wynnum Jnr State 2 Sep-21