Open State Teams

2018 Open State Teams


21 & Under Ladies Heat    21 & Under Ladies Lightning    21 & Under Mens Heat
Coach - Jaane Paul   Coach - Brooke Mclean   Coach - Thomas O'Riley
Manager - Paul Holmes   Manager - Sue Kurth   Manager - Melissa Heather
Alana McDremid - South BNE   Amelia Soloai - Central BNE    Andrew Hamilton
Ashiana Laban - Gold Coast   Brooke Norris - South BNE    Bailey Jordan
Emily Gilbert - Central BNE   Gracie Taylor - Gold Coast    Caleb Spinks
Erin McSween - Central BNE   Kalena Hura - Central BNE    Lachlan Byrne
Georgia Elliot - South BNE   Qalvary Latu - South BNE    Jake Didlick
Kasey Ruhi - Gold Coast   Tai Tairea - South BNE    Lucas Spinks
Miren Mochrie - Central BNE   Taylor White - North BNE    Robert Guilford
Nikki Bourke - Central BNE   Tonisha Morrick - South BNE    Rhys Capel
Tayla Collie - Central BNE   Tori Carrington - South BNE    Ryan Lowery
Tiana Elers - South BNE   Tori Hepi-Te-Huia - South BNE    Rylee Ruhi
21 Ladies Training Partners   21 Mens Training Partners 
Courtney Connor - West BNE   Hayley Archbold - Central BNE    Christian Hollyman
Georgina Halatutavaha - G/C   Kirstyn Lole - Gold Coast    Lian Marshall

Haylee Sammons - North BNE

  Sarona Hans - North BNE    Rayma Tuputala
Open Ladies Heat   Open Ladies Lightning   Open Mens Heat
Coach - Victor Potaka   Coach - Pene Futcher   Coach - David Mills
Manager - TBA   Manager - TBA   Manager - TBA
Ainsley Heath - Gold Coast   Aisha Issa - South BNE   Aaron Gilboy - North BNE
Angela Ray - Central BNE   Jess Krause-Richardson - West   Andrew Henning - Gold Coast
Courtney Bosley - Wide Bay   Kodie Joyner - West BNE   Billy Mayer - North BNE
Emilie Ritchie - Central BNE   Leila Kawhe - South BNE   Derek Tauariki - South BNE
Kelly Gibson - South BNE   Rachael Tosello - Gold Coast   Jarod Gaunt - North BNE
Madison Ritchie - Central BNE   Selena Fisk - Central BNE   Justin Topliss - North BNE
Mikayla Spice - Wide Bay   Shari Heagarty - Gold Coast   Kapara White - South BNE
Renee Keith - Central BNE   Stephanie James - North BNE   Keith Hall - South BNE
Sharon Arthy - Wide Bay   Terianne Christie - South BNE   Koby Hamilton - North BNE
Shenade Southon - South BNE   Tineke Mackey - South BNE   Laurie West - South BNE
Open Ladies Training Partners   Open Mens Training Partners
Bec Sheean - Wide Bay   Liz Mead - Wide Bay   Aiden Hawkswell - North QLD
Courtney Gollings - G/C   Tinisha Guilford - West BNE   Haami Pittman - South BNE
Justeen Ford - Central BNE     Joseph Tipiwai - Gold Coast
        Michael Merrick - North QLD
        Rhett Austin - North QLD
        Tyler Kitching - North BNE
Open Mixed Heat   Open Mixed Lightning   Umpires 
Coach - Kurt Asquith   Coach - Peter Austin   Ashlee Spencer 
Manager - TBA   Manager - TBA   Debbie Tapper
Cody Blundstone - North BNE   Broden Hawes - Central BNE   Kara Williams
Courtney Rawson - North BNE   Chris Newman - South BNE   Kate Pedley
Genaya Nicel - Wide Bay   Corey Mitchell - North BNE   Kate Tosello
Jackson Ritchie - Central BNE   Jae Eustace - Central BNE   Michael Hay
Jessica Ritchie - Central BNE   Jaymie Dinsdale - South BNE   Raeline Johnson 
Jessica Rogerson - North BNE   Jessica Hunter - Central BNE   Theresa Brown
Justin Wise - Central BNE   Mischa Philp - Central BNE    
Lisa Hohn - Central BNE   Paris Williams - Wide Bay    Sports Trainers
Matthew Branch - Central BNE   Tamara Rummell -Central BNE   Sandra Taylor
Mike Solomon - North BNE   Tima Taha - South BNE   Tracy Thornton
Sikeli Seru - Central BNE   Tyrone Okesene - South BNE    
Open Mixed Training Partners    
Jade Christiansen - Central   Lana Tynan - Gold Coast    
Mark Nicholls - North BNE   Rhianna Roberts - North BNE    
Rhys Bennett - Wide Bay   Vai Nomani - South BNE    





For all future State Teams please visit the INFQ Supernationals page.


In 2014 Aged & Open State Teams combined to make


2013 Open State Teams

21 & Under Ladies

Coach: Camille Dowling
Manager: Dee Towell
Players: Emilie Ritchie Central Brisbane
Sarah Morton Central Brisbane
Taylor Faulks Wide Bay
Taylor Buchanan North Brisbane
Renee Keith Central Brisbane 
Skye Smith Central Brisbane 
Cailin Butterworth Wide Bay
Denise Pepe Gold Coast Black
Maddie Ritchie Central Brisbane 
Elke Futcher North Brisbane 
Shadows: Clare Denkes North Brisbane
Isabella Kirk Bulls Wide Bay
Mikayla Spice Bulls Wide Bay
Emma Diedrichs Gold Coast

Open Ladies

Coach: Michelle Bishop
Manager: Peter Austin
Players: Amy Forbes Wide Bay
Robyn Massy West Brisbane
Jessica Ritchie Central Brisbane 
Jasmine Naylor Central Brisbane 
Renae Kalalo Central Brisbane
Kelly Gibson Wide Bay 
Brooke Dixon West Brisbane 
Nicole Theron Central Brisbane 
Angela Ray West Brisbane
Pauline Decoster    Gold Coast
Shadows: Katrina Pearce Qld North 
Chelsea Swann Central Brisbane 
Lucy Benjamin North Brisbane 
Cody Wenck Wide Bay 

Open Mixed

Coach: Dave Smith
Manager: Mal Joce
Players: Jaymie Dinsdale West Brisbane 
Chris Beckett West Brisbane 
Zoe Russell Central Brisbane 
Ryan Faulks West Brisbane 
Renee Smith Gold Coast
Troy Schulz North Brisbane
Sarah Jackson West Brisbane 
Anthony Lusty North Brisbane
Kate Sherwin West Brisbane 
Ben Upcroft West Brisbane 
Moana Livingstone Central Brisbane 
Shadows: Lisa Hohn West Brisbane

Nicole Forbes

North Brisbane
Corey Mitchell North Brisbane 
Matt White West Brisbane

Open Men Heat

Coach: David Eustace
Manager: Judy White
Players: Sikeli Seru Central Brisbane 
Matt Atkins Gold Coast 
Tyron Kurth Central Brisbane 
Glen Ormesher North Brisbane
David Mills Gold Coast 
Damien Bishop Central Brisbane
David Barnes Central Brisbane 
Christian White Central Brisbane 
Kurt Asquith Central Brisbane 
Lachlan Carter Gold Coast
Shadows: Jackson Ritchie Central Brisbane 
  Junior Kosega Gold Coast 
  Rhys Taylor North Brisbane 
  Kyle Kurth Central Brisbane 
Umpires: Sue Kurth
Mark Pumfrey
Ashlee Spencer
Emma Atkin
Raeline Johnson
Kathy Evans (NQ)
Sports Trainers: Sandra Taylor
Katrina Lynne